Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Begins Today on CNBC, Ends Tomorrow on USA Network

Raaza, a Komondorok from Pennsylvania, goes through her paces at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. (ROBERT SABO/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

It’s one of those years when the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show couldn’t get to your TV set fast enough.

Happily, it starts Monday night, 8-11 on CNBC, then wraps up Tuesday night, 8-11, on USA.

After a winter that has felt like 24 months of snow, ice, slush and bitter cold, there’s something about seeing pristine dogs trot around Madison Square Garden that feels like a few hours of relief.

Even New Yorkers who have their own dogs, says Westminster’s TV co-host and spokesman David Frei, will cast envious eyes on the Garden’s green carpet.

“When I’ve walked my dogs this winter,” says Frei, a city resident who owns two Brittany Spaniels, “there’s been so much salt on the streets and sidewalks it turns their feet black.”

The weather outside has never daunted Westminster.

“We’re the second longest consecutive running sporting event in the country, behind the Kentucky Derby,” Frei notes. “In 138 years we’ve been through blizzards and world wars. We keep going.”

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