South Carolina Megachurch Pastor Perry Noble Admits He Is Taking Anti-Depressants for Mental Anguish and Depression; Nearly Committed Suicide

Pastor Perry Noble

For years, Pastor Perry Noble told parishioners that the solution to mental anguish and depression was simple: pray more, read the Bible and work hard to memorize scripture.

But his own battle with depression and anxiety later changed all that, causing him to reverse course on nearly everything he had said and felt about mental illness.

Noble, pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina, revealed on his blog this week that he began relying on anti-depressant medication after experiencing thoughts of suicide.

“In 2008 I entered into the darkest time of my entire life that lasted for around three years,” Noble wrote. “It was brutal. I even gave suicide serious consideration.”

After working through his depression by changing situations in his life and going through biblical counseling, things were looking up. Noble said both he and his doctor decided that anti-depressants weren’t the best course of action at the time.

“I secretly held this as a badge of honor, that I was somehow a better person because ‘I did not need medication’ to defeat depression!,” Noble wrote.

The preacher said that he thought his days suffering from depression and anxiety were behind him, but he was wrong. Despite doing a sermon series on stress and anxiety at NewSpring in 2012 and even deciding to start a book about his personal story, Noble said the creeping feeling of desperation eventually returned.

“As I began [writing my book] the feelings of anxiety and worry began to slowly slither back into my life like a snake sneaking up on its prey,” he wrote. “I remember writing a chapter in the book, driving home and having a panic attack in my living room.”

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SOURCE: The Blaze
Billy Hallowell