Alabama State Rep. Alvin Holmes says he Doesn’t Like Clarence Thomas Because ‘he’s Married to a White Woman’, Calls him an ‘Uncle Tom’

Representative Alvin Holmes, D - Montgomery, addressed fellow members of the Alabama House of Representatives about 14 minutes after Legislature opened their special session on Monday afternoon, Feb. 26, 2007, in Montgomery, Ala. (Montgomery Advertiser, Lloyd Gallman)
Representative Alvin Holmes, D – Montgomery (Montgomery Advertiser, Lloyd Gallman)

Alabama state representative Alvin Holmes is no fan of Clarence Thomas. On Tuesday, the same day Thomas told an audience he is treated worse by “northern liberal elites” than he was growing up in the segregated South, Holmes took to the statehouse floor to make disparaging comments about the Supreme Court justice’s marriage to a white woman.

Via the Decatur Daily’s Mary Sell and the Anniston Star’s Tim Lockette:

Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, just said on House floor that he doesn’t like Clarence Thomas because “he’s married to a white woman.” — Mary Sell (@DD_MarySell) February 11, 2014

Holmes said he doesn’t like Clarence Thomas because Thomas is married to a white woman. This in discussion on a bill about land surveying. — Tim Lockette (@TLockette_Star) February 11, 2014

After leaving the floor, Holmes, who is black, tried to walk back his comments about Thomas’s marriage, but maintained that the only black Supreme Court Justice is an “Uncle Tom.”

Alvin Holmes told @TLockette_Star that he supports interracial marriage and statement Thomas was misinterpreted. But Thomas is “Uncle Tom.” — Mary Sell (@DD_MarySell) February 11, 2014

House is adjourned. I talked to Holmes after adjournment re: “Uncle Tom” comment. — Tim Lockette (@TLockette_Star) February 11, 2014

Holmes: “I said I don’t like him at all because he is an Uncle Tom.” Says his comment about interracial marriage was misinterpreted. — Tim Lockette (@TLockette_Star) February 11, 2014

Rep. Alvin Holmes: “I said some people might say I didn’t like him because he was married to a white woman.” — Tim Lockette (@TLockette_Star) February 11, 2014

Holmes says he’s for interracial marriage. Notes he introduced interracial marriage amendment years ago, supports same-sex marriage now. — Tim Lockette (@TLockette_Star) February 11, 2014

Holmes made comment about Justice Thomas during debate about land surveying bill. Claimed Thomas was a failed surveyor before law school… — Tim Lockette (@TLockette_Star) February 11, 2014

… and after adjournment, Holmes acknowledged that he made that up, to make sure the comments were considered on-topic. — Tim Lockette (@TLockette_Star) February 11, 2014

SOURCE: Andrew Johnson 
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