T. D. Jakes Tells Single Parents Not to Despair In Raising the Next Generation

T.D. Jakes tells single parents

I know there are days when all of us feel as if we are in over our heads. But when those days arise and courage seems to wilt, remember that God’s grace is on you for these moments. He will strengthen you against all odds.

Some of you have always had someone else to rely on. But now you are facing the challenge of raising your children alone.

Are you alone? Not really. You never were. God has been there all the time. And the same God who brought you through all of your earlier challenges is waiting for you to acknowledge Him in your current situation.

Do you know that many of the blessings that are on you will pass to your children? For example, it is a blessing to have wise parents. Wise parents pass their reasoning and mentality to their children. This creates a generational blessing.

We have heard about generational curses, but we ought to understand generational blessings, too. If a drug-filled mother gives birth to a drug-addicted child, then why can’t a spiritually regenerated mother have a child who has been blessed by her regeneration?

The favor of God is with you as a parent. His hand is there to bless you if you will trust Him.

God’s design is to bring strength out of weakness and power out of pain. I challenge you now to allow Christ to equip you with the tools you need to become what God would have you to be as a single parent.

God’s blessings can break out in your life as never before, but it takes faith in God. Faith is having the grace to accept the challenges and the struggles of your course, but doggedly and tenaciously searching for the victory within the victimized.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
T. D. Jakes