James Dobson Makes It Clear His Ministry Will Not Comply With the Birth Control Mandate – Even If It Means Shutting Down

Christian Radio Host James Dobson

Dr. Dobson didn’t hold back Thursday during an interview regarding his organization, Family Talk, and its challenge of a federal mandate for employers to cover abortifacients. “We are suing [HHS Secretary] Kathleen Sebelius for forcing or trying to force all of us to give abortifacient medications to our employees,” he summarized on American Family Radio, “and I just absolutely refuse to do it. We’ll close down before I’ll do it.”

Several other employers are challenging the mandate, including the for-profit Hobby Lobby.

“Ours is a Christian non-profit,” he explained. “[The government has] exempted churches from having to do this, but they’ve concluded that other Christian non-profits are not ‘Christian enough.'”

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow.com
Chris Woodward