“I Woke Up Mad at the Devil” – Bishop Paul S. Morton Outraged Over Mass Wedding Ceremony at Grammys Featuring Homosexual Couples; Calls on Preachers Who Claim to Represent God to Come Out of the Closet

Bishop Paul S. Morton

When millions of people tuned into to watch music’s biggest award show, they did not know they would be attending a mass wedding with the aim of affirming same sex marriage. And at least one person is hot as fire about it.

Boldly outspoken Christian leader Bishop Paul S. Morton, 63, expressed his outrage on Twitter after the 56th Grammy Awards featured Queen Latifah, who was ordained for a day, officiating the nuptials of 34 couples—some gay, some straight, all diverse.

“I woke up mad at the devil,” tweeted Bishop Morton, after posting a string of messages on Sunday, Jan. 26 reprimanding pastors for being silent on the issue of gay marriage, which he abbreviated “SSM” in his short posts.

“The world has many influential people speaking 4 (SSM) what they want but not a lot of influential preachers talking about what God wants,” he said.

Morton also added, “Preachers who claim 2 Represent God it’s time 2 come out of the closet. ((SSM) on family TV was over the top we should b blowing twitter up.”

Morton was nominated this year for Best Gospel Album for “Best Days Yet”—a trophy that went to Tye Tribbett instead.

Though the singing pastor had to leave the ceremony early and did not get to see the wedding, he heard about it.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine Entertainment News