Georgia Pastor, Craig Lamar Davis, Found Guilty of Knowingly Giving Two Women HIV

Pastor Craig Lamar Davis
Pastor Craig Lamar Davis

This is the kind of story that will absolutely turn your stomach!

How many times are we going to hear about the deception coming from those we place our trust in?

This story comes out of Georgia by way of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who reports that on Tuesday, a jury found an HIV-positive pastor guilty of knowingly exposing a woman to the disease and now faces 20 years for the crime.

Craig Lamar Davis (pictured) was said to have sat motionless as the jury read guilty verdicts in two counts of reckless HIV, both of which are felonies. Deliberations took less than an hour. The case was the first of its kind in Clayton County, G., which falls in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

“We are pleased with the verdict,” said Kathryn Powers, deputy chief assistant district attorney, one of three prosecutors in the case, told the Journal-Constitution. “They (jury) were able to weigh the validity of testimony of people who don’t believe AIDS or HIV exist.”

The jury reached a verdict Friday, but wanted to sit on it until Tuesday.

According to McAfee, Davis’ attorney used every slander in the book to discredit her – calling her names that included “nut case,” but as the jury read its verdict, McAfee could be seen with her head down, as if in prayer.

The harsh name calling did not surprise McAfee “I didn’t not expect it,” she said. “I expected it to be said. I just stayed strong in my convictions and continuously moved forward.”

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